Why get married in Malta?

Destination Wedding Malta - Holiday Escapes

Destination weddings are the trend and a high number of couples from overseas are choosing to tie the knot in warmer climates such as that of Malta. An overseas wedding also has the appeal of transforming what would normally be a one day celebration into several days, surrounded by dear friends and relatives, your wedding in Malta will be remembered forever.

Here are some other advantages of getting married in Malta as opposed to any other overseas location:

  • Malta is only 3 hours 30 mins or less flying time from most European Countries
  • All legal paperwork is in English
  • All ceremonies, church and civil, are in English
  • You only need to be in the country 2 days before the wedding
  • Diverse cultures,beaches, nightlife and history offering something for everyone. Great for your guests, young families and elderly
  • Great climate - North Africa meets Southern Europe
  • Modern country with very high standard of customer care