Elegant Palazzo & Gardens

This Palazzo is one of Malta’s great stately homes. It reigns supreme in the heart of the ancient village of Naxxar and is guaranteed to bring splendour like no other to that elegant wedding day.

It was originally built in 1733 by the Portuguese Grand Master Manuel de Vilhena, and then enriched by Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna in 1898. Today it is still a privately owned Palazzo belonging to the noble family Scicluna.

The Palazzo is a cultural and architectural interest, unique on the island. It is often described as a miniature “Versailles” and is a glorious showcase of Maltese and Italian craftsmanship. With its various art treasures, the remarkable marble work and the finest stucco work and hand decorated walls. The gilded “Ballroom of Mirrors” is extraordinary, as is the “Sala Lombarda” with its rich red décor and fine portraits.

The most spectacular locations by far are the two very beautiful baroque walled gardens, which are fine examples of classic baroque formality mixed with the vivid colours and scents of the Mediterranean.

A magnificent Maltese Palace and a unique banqueting venue make this a perfect choice, offering a stunning backdrop, combining romance, style, and excellence