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At Dream Tours, we offer a full range of ½ day and full day tours from boat trips, Sicily Trips and tours around Malta and Gozo.

Our Tours Specialist, Roberta Pisani, has been promoting tours like the above for many years now and is waiting to hear from you. The TOURS button will generate an email directly to Roberta. The subject is already completed and then you can add your own text to the main message box.if you feel you would like to expalin what you like to see when on holiday. Roberta will reply to you explaining the FULL programme and how to book. It’s great to book in advance as in peak season some tours fill up quickly.

For those of you who prefer to explore by hiring a car, click the car hire button and you will be taken straight to our car hire website.

If you prefer email, John the Manager will send you a quote including 5% discount. If you would rather browse and book and pay, John will know you are a Dream Rooms Guest and will offer you the discounted price in resort.

We look forward to seeing you at the wedding soon!


Mariella and Mark

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