Where it all began

In September 1999, Mariella and Mark stood proudly as the new ‘Mr. & Mrs. Burton’ in one of Malta’s top wedding venues surrounded by families and friends after they organized their own destination wedding in Malta. Mark from Somerset and Mariella a local lady had lots of help in organizing their wedding from the Maltese family which was an absolute asset to them since they lived in UK at the time.  Family, friends and colleagues living in Britain and Ireland were so excited to have the opportunity to experience a wedding overseas. Recalling back, that day was one of the best days of Mark and Mariella’ lives, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, in beautiful surrounding of an old country manor, in the warm Maltese climate. Mouth watering food, an excellent selection of drinks and cocktails and great music. What else could one want!

This experience brought to mind how great it would be to offer weddings to couples from abroad coming to Malta to tie the knot. Organizing a wedding can be very stressful and daunting, organising a wedding from a different country even more. And that was the beginning of Dream Days Weddings with goal and objective being to give every bride and groom a stress free wedding experience, one that is fun, with style and as unique as you are. 

Meet the Crew!

Mark and Mariella’s love for the travel and leisure industry started in the 80’s when they took up the jobs of holiday reps with major UK tour operators. In fact they met when Mark was posted to Malta after spending 5 years working in various Spanish resorts. Mariella soon progressed to the role of Customer Service Manager and Mark earnt the role of Regional Manager for the Eastern Med. Their jobs involved various aspects commonly associated with package holidays and events planning. Tour operators were the first to introduce ‘Destination Weddings’ and Mark and Mariella were heavily involved in the setting up of weddings in Malta for their respective companies.

The right opportunity to stand on their own two feet came to them in 2004 and Dream Days came to be. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength into the leaders in the wedding market in Malta. Testimonials across various forums in the UK, Ireland and around the world back this up.

Apart from the love of their jobs Mark and Mariella have two lovely daughters, Sammie Jo and Chloe Ann. Chloe is keen on science and photography.Even at this young age shows great potential. Sammie has a keen interest in psychology but also has a great passion and talent as a make-up artist. Truly keeping it a family affair! 

Keep calm and Hire a wedding planner

In the past seeking the services of a wedding planner was deemed only for the rich and famous. In todays world this service has become essential for bride and grooms from all walks of life to ensure that your wedding day is stress free, well organized and seamless.

Over the years Mark and Mariella have gained a wealth of experience, and an excellent reputation on the island for having meticulous planning and an eye for attention to detail. Dream Days is their full time employment as they believe that customers deserve their full commitment and give every aspect of a wedding 110%. They take great pride in every wedding they help organize and their greatest objective, to achieve guest satisfaction, drives them to not only reach expectations but indeed go the extra mile to make every wedding day truly a day to remember for all the right reasons.

This is a quality that they seek also in their suppliers. There are many suppliers in Malta and over the years Dream Days have tested and vetted a lot of business contacts and individuals. Today it can be said that they have contracted some of the best wedding suppliers on the island offering an excellent quality product and good value for money. But the key quality to be a service provider for Dream Days is the level of customer care and a warm and friendly disposition. On the morning of the wedding, when those butterflies are fluttering, it makes a world of difference if the bride, groom and the wedding party are surrounded by professional, warm and a smiling team of people.

Dream Days promise to you is that they will listen to every individual needs and requirement so they can help and assist you in creating the wedding day you’ve always wanted. They will guide you and put forward ideas and suggestions but will never impose or in any way enforce opinions. These qualities are what make every Dream Days wedding special and unique, because this is YOUR wedding.

Our Wedding Planning Fee includes the following;

We only work with the Best!

  • Contact 24/7 from today until after your wedding day for support and advice whenever you need it
  • Assisting with the planning and organising of the weddings day, booking and liaising with wedding suppliers
  • Escort you around venues, churches and suppliers should you wish to visit us in Malta for a Resort Inspection Visit
  • Creating a “Budget & Costing” sheet so you can be in control of the wedding finances
  • Registering of all church and/or civil paperwork sent by the bride and groom with the Malta Marriage Registry Office/Archbishops Office and apply for the marriage bans and marriage licence
  • Escorting the bride and groom to the Registry the day after arrival for the final confirmation of wedding documents and other details
  • Assist, organize and book Pre & Post Wedding Functions
  • Assist, organize and book party cruises, tours and cat hire for wedding guests
  • Booking of accommodation for wedding party and guests
  • Supervising and co-ordinating the wedding ceremony and the venue set-up on the morning of the wedding
  • Manage and co-ordinate the wedding day itself and wedding function and food operation to ensure a smooth and seamless operation
  • The postage of the marriage certificates to the bride and grooms home address
  • The postage of photography to your home address after the wedding
  • A warm smiling face whenever you turn round to find your Wedding Planner  

Destination Wedding Malta - Holiday Escapes

Destination weddings are the trend and a high number of couples from overseas are choosing to tie the knot in warmer climates such as that of Malta. An overseas wedding also has the appeal of transforming what would normally be a one day celebration into seveal days, Surrounded by dear friends and relatives,your wedding in Malta will be remembered forever.

Here are some other advantages of getting married in Malta as opposed to any other overseas location:

  • Malta is only 3 hours 30 mins flying time from most European Countries
  • All legal paperwork is in English
  • All ceremonies, church and civil, are in English
  • You only need to be in the country 2 days before the wedding
  • Diverse cultures,beaches, nightlife and histoy offering something for everyone. Great for your guests, young families and elderly
  • Great climate - North Africa meets Southern Europe
  • Modern country with very high standard of customer care

Travel & Accommodation

Malta with its warm climate is approximately 2 to 3 hours flying time from most European destinations, and benefits from easy flight connections from most main and regional airports around Britain and Ireland.

Flights are available almost daily to Malta from Gatwick and Manchester, as do Air Malta, the islands own national airline. Easy Jet and Ryan Air operate 5 flights weekly in summer from Dublin. Why not come over and meet us and we will show you around our lovely islands.

Having over 40 years experience in the travel industry between them, Mark and Mariella have an excellent working relationship with a wide selection of hotels in Malta and Gozo.

The main party ususally stay in the same hotel and we can get excellent rates for you on group bookings.

Malta's capital city is Valletta. The country's official languages are Maltese and English, which replaced Italian in 1934. Malta has a long legacy of Roman Catholicism, which continues to be the official and dominant religion in Malta.

Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean Sea (in its eastern basin), some 93 km south of the Italian island of Sicily across the Malta Channel. Only the three largest islands Malta Island (Malta), Gozo (Ghawdex), and Comino (Kemmuna) are inhabited. The smaller islands, such as Filfla, Cominotto and the Islands of St. Paul are uninhabited. Numerous bays along the indented coastline of the islands provide good harbours. The islands of the archipelago were formed from the high points of a land bridge between Sicily and North Africa which became isolated as sea levels rose after the last Ice Age. The archipelago lies on the edge of the African tectonic plate, as it borders with the Eurasian plate.

An Island steeped in History

Malta has had a long and chequered history and has in fact often been described as one big open-air museum.

It was inhabited and/or conquered by practically every European force out there over the millennia, including the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Sicilians, Knights of St John, French and the British.

Malta has been inhabited since around 5200 BC by Neolithic people who most likely arrived from nearby Sicily. Afterwards came the arrival of the Phoenicians and then the Greeks. The islands was known as Maleth (safe haven) by the Phoenicians and Melita (sweet honey) by the Greeks.

The islands later were under the control of Carthage and then of Rome, under whose control they prospered. The New Testament records that in 60AD, the Apostle St Paul was shipwrecked on an island named Melite, which many scholars associate with Malta. The story goes that his arrival brought Christianity to Malta. 

In 440 the island was captured by the Vandals. It was recovered in 533 and remained a part of the east Roman province of Sicily for the next 340 years.

Malta was next occupied by the Fatimids, who exerted 220 years of influence. Between 1194 and 1530 the Kingdom of Sicily ruled the Maltese islands. In 1530, Charles V of Spain handed Malta over to the Knights of St John who built towns, palaces, churches, gardens, and fortifications and embellished the island with numerous works of art.

The island was taken over by Napoleon Bonaparte and the French in 1798. However, it was only two years after when the British took over and Malta voluntarily became part of the British Empire.

Malta gained independence from the UK in 1964 and became a republic in 1974; however, it retained membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. It has been a member of the United Nations since 1964 and a member of the European Union since 2004.

Malta is renowned as a tourist resort, with a large number of important historical sites and location, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the Megalithic Temples (some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world), Valletta (the capital city) and the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum (a rock-cut underground complex that was used as a sanctuary and for burial purposes).

Source: 101malta.com

Buzzing Nightlife

Contrary to popular belief nightlife on the island is always bustling, more so in the summer months. The most popular area for a good night out is to be found in St. Julian’s Bay, an entertainment strip called Paceville. This strip houses scores of clubs, pubs, music bars, wine bars, multi-screen cinema, bowling and eating establishments. All open to the early hours of the morning!

 The Maltese islands have also become a hub for the clubbing scene with regular visits from international DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Erick Morillo and Tiesto. For the past 5 years Malta is an annual feature for ‘The Isle of MTV’ with big names performing.

If you’re looking at more refined entertainment why not try your luck at the Casinos, or some fine dining al fresco at one of the romantic palazzos or harbour restaurant. Dream Days offers a large selection of fantastic cruises, around the harbour, sailing around the Three Maltese Islands or cruising to the beautiful Blue Lagoon in Comino Island.

For the little people there is also a lot to do! Public play areas are to be found all around holiday resort, the Splash & Fun Park, Mediterraneo Dolphin Park, Popeye Village are just some of the attraction worth taking your little ones.

Whatever your preference may be you and your wedding guests will not be lost for things when in Malta